About the project

Name of the project

Large Carnivores Visitor Centre

Project holder: Public Institution “Priroda”

Project partners: Ravna Gora Municipality

Gorski Kotar Tourist Board

The EU framework

The call for proposals “Promotion of Sustainable Development of Natural Heritage” was published in the framework of Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020, financed by the European Fund for Regional Development, as part of Priority Axis 6 “Preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resources”, investment priority 6c “Conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage”, specific objective 6c2, “Increasing the attractiveness, educational capacity and sustainable management of natural heritage sites”.

Total project value:
Total acceptable costs:


Co-financed by the EU:


Co-financed by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds:

1.6.2015. – 31.12.2021.

Period of project implementation:

About the project


  • Reconstruction of the Visitor Center building
  • Organization of a permanent exhibition of large carnivores
  • Drafting of a marketing plan and an action plan for visitor management
  • Designing of a prototype of original souvenirs inspired by the local natural heritage
  • Creation of educational-promotional materials such as children’s memory game, bilingual picture book, the bestiary of Gorski Kotar, etc.

The project also provides for the procurement of new equipment, software for registering the visitors, smart benches and Wi-Fi for visitors. Significant attention will be devoted to the development of children’s workshops about large carnivores, trail monitoring, storytelling etc., which will become permanent programs in the future Visitor Center. The Public Institution “Priroda” has been monitoring large carnivores for years, as part of its regular activities. Thanks to the project, additional camera traps will be procured, which will allow for capturing interesting data that will be used in the future Visitor Center. Moreover, the project will provide for the strengthening of the institution’s capacities, through employee trainings and the design of a new website, which is going to offer the general public valuable information about current events, along with interesting facts and information about the natural phenomena of Gorski Kotar. Promotional activities will also be taking place, with the aim of increasing public visibility of the Center. Apart from billboard advertising and ads in specialized magazines and TV shows, the Center is going to be presented at specialized fairs, schools and tourist agencies.

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Vizualni identitet Centra za posjetitelje Velike zvijeri

Objectives and expected results of the project


The reconstruction of the old building and its conversion into the large carnivores visitor center, which is going to offer tourist and educational activities all year round, will ensure a better preservation and management of natural heritage. Moreover, it will increase the attractiveness of Gorski Kotar as a tourist destination and, with the promotion of Natura 2000 ecological network, develop the public awareness of the importance of preserving the biodiversity.

The opening of the Visitor Center is going to stimulate the local economy. The number of visitors will increase, the tourist season will be longer, new jobs will be created, the local people will be encouraged to offer their services (production of food, accommodation, production of local souvenirs…). The entire area will become more recognizable and more attractive to the visitors. Throughout the project, training sessions will be organized for the future employees, with the objective of ensuring high quality educational programs for the future visitors. Finally, for the purpose of an efficient visitor management, a visitor management plan is being drafted.


Petra Stijelja, dipl.ing biol.
Tel. 051/352-406
E-mail: petra.stijelja@ju-priroda.hr

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